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The Association of Clinical Microbiologists and Biochemists (ACMB) is a society of working professionals in the field of clinical microbiology and clinical biochemistry, registered under societies registration act XXI, 1860. Established in 2007, it is one of the reputed professional organizations of India dedicated to the practice and promotion of Clinical Laboratory Science. Since its inception, it has contributed significantly towards development of Medical microbiology and Medical Biochemistry particularly in areas of Laboratory diagnosis, research, teaching and commerce in country.

ACMB is actively involved in creating quality lab professionals by providing training, guidelines and knowledge about advancements in the field of laboratory medicine.

ACMB promotes exchange of knowledge and ideas in the ever-advancing field of Medical Microbiology and Medical Biochemistry by organizing annual meetings, workshops, conferences and CMEs. The organization also focuses on improving the quality of healthcare system.

Within this website you will find recent medical updates and their respective links, informative to the general public and researchers as well. This attractive and credible website is also open to collaborations from other websites to expand the vista of knowledge. Students, freshers, professionals and academicians equally will find this site ideal for their study and reference to keep in pace with the competent world outside.

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