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REGULAR MEMBERSHIP:Regular Membership of the Association is open to post graduates in the discipline of Medical Biochemistry and Medical Microbiology who are engaged as Lecturers, Research scholars or Professionals in Clinical Biochemistry / Microbiology Department in a Hospital or a Medical laboratory in India. General Biochemistry / Microbiology post graduates with a minimum of 2 years of work experience in Clinical laboratories are also eligible to apply for Regular membership. Such members shall have the voting right and the right to be elected as office bearers. The membership will be issued within 45days which would be valid for Life time.

CATEGORY I (EMERGENCY):Applicants qualifying the eligibility criteria for Regular membership/Associate membership are also eligible to apply for this category. Membership of only those applicants will be approved who require membership certificate urgently. Membership to such candidates will be issued within 10 days after submitting necessary reference details if demanded by the executive committee. The validity of membership will be for Life time.

CATEGORY II (NRI): The eligibility criteria are same as above. Those applicants who are employed abroad (NRI) are eligible to become a Life Member under this category. Such members shall also enjoy all privileges of a Life member. The membership will be issued within 45days.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Those applicants who have completed Bachelors degree of Science in Medical Biochemistry/Medical Microbiology are eligible to become Associate Members. Such members shall enjoy all privileges of a Life member except voting right and the right to be elected as office bearers. Associate membership can be upgraded to regular membership after completion of post graduation in Medical Biochemistry/Medical Microbiology, provided they produce their post graduate degree certificate before the committee.

AMMBS MEMBERS: MSc. Medical Biochemistry/MSc Medical Microbiology postgraduates with membership in Association of Medical Microbiology and Biochemistry Students and graduates (AMMBS) are eligible to become Life Members under this category. Such members shall be issued membership with special discounted fee if applied in groups (of minimum 10) and recommended by the executive committee of AMMBS.

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP: When a scientific firm dealing in materials required for clinical Biochemistry wants to become a member of this Association, it can be enrolled as Corporate Member on payment of an amount, as decided by the General Body from time to time. Like other members, one or more representatives of a firm can attend scientific meetings of ACMB on payment of registration fees as decided by organizer. Corporate members shall not enjoy the voting right or right to be elected as office bearers.

Membership Fee

We offer a range of membership options; find out which category is appropriate for you.

CATEGORY II (NRI): Rs 8000/-

****Candidates can enrol to the appropriate categories through online application only.

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