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Good standing certificate


What is Good Standing Certificate?

Members who do not have any disciplinary action against them can obtain a Certificate of Good Standing. The certificate reflects the member's name (as registered with ACMB), date of issue of membership, type of membership. The seal of the ACMB is impressed on the certificate. The certificate will be valid only for the year in which it is issued.

Who can apply?

Only applicants who are already members can apply for the certificate. Applicants who have been ACMB members for a period of less than 3 months will not be issued with a Good Standing certificate.

How to apply?

To acquire the Certificate, you should apply online. There is a fee of Rs2000/- which has to be paid after verification of your online application. You can apply online by clicking the link below.

Issue of certificate

Certificate will be issued only after verifying..

  • Your membership details and status
  • Receipt of fee for Good Standing certificate


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