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How to Apply Online


  1. To become a member of ACMB, you should first apply online by clicking 'Apply Online'.
    The online application process has two parts: Part-I Registration and Part-II Registration. The application will be considered complete only if the applicant completes both parts and clicks the link Final Submit in Part-II Registration.
  2. Before proceeding to Apply online, the applicant should keep the following ready. Scanned copies of (i) Photograph, (ii) Qualifying Degree certificate, (iii) ID proof & (iv) Signature.
  3. First procedure is to Sign up with username (your valid email ID) and a password (of your choice). This username and password is necessary for the completion of registration process and for all future logins.
  4. Now, the applicant can fill in Part I registration.
  5. In Part I Registration, the applicant has to upload the scanned copies of his/ her Photograph, Qualifying Degree certificate, ID proof & Signature and fill in basic information such as Name, D.O.B, Academic qualification, Address, Email Id, Mobile number and other details.
  6. Click “SUBMIT” to complete the Part-I Registration.
  7. The application is subject to subsequent scrutiny and can be rejected at any point of time if found not fulfilling the eligibility criteria.
  8. After verification of Part- I Registration, confirmation message with details of Bank account, to which fee has to be remitted will be sent. Do not remit fee until your application is verified.
  9. In Part II Registration, the applicant has to fill in the fee payment details such as amount remitted, Date of transaction, upload payment receipt etc.
  10. Click “Final Submit” after filling the required fields.
  11. The application has to be printed out and sent to the following address through ordinary post.

    • The Secretary
      Association of Clinical Microbiologists & Biochemists (ACMB),18/1067-F4, 1st Floor, Harikamal Building Jail Road, Calicut, Kerala - 673 004

      NB: Applications submitted through online form does not imply that the candidate has fulfilled all the criteria for membership. The application is subject to subsequent scrutiny and it can be rejected if found to be not fulfilling the eligibility criteria at any point of time. Therefore, before applying online, candidates should read the eligibility criteria.
      For any query, mail to :

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   Guidelines for Uploading scanned images

  1. Before applying Online, the candidate should be ready with his/her scanned images of the following:-

    • i. Passport sized photograph (File size must be 40-200 KB; Permitted width: 230-250 px, permitted height: 300-350 px)

    • ii. Specimen signature (File size must be within 20-50 KB; Permitted width: 200-325 px permitted height: 80-120 px)

    • iii. M.Sc. Degree certificate (File size must be within 100-500 KB)

    • iv. ID proof (File size must be within 100-500 KB)

    • v. Experience certificate (File size must be within 100-500 KB

    • vi. Fee payment receipt (Required to upload in Part-II Registration) received from bank/through Net Banking. (File size must be within 100-500 KB)

    • vii. AMMBS Members should upload the scanned image of the recommendation letter issued by AMMBS. (File size must be within 100-500 KB)

  2. The images uploaded should be clear and must be of JPEG format.

  3. Photograph must be a recent passport size colour photograph and clearly showing the face.

  4. Ensure that the size and dimension of the scanned images are not more than that is permitted. if the size of the file is more than 200KB, the adjust the settings of the scanner such as the DPI resolution, no of colours etc., during the process of scanning. For resizing of your photo, you may use internet tools i.e. Windows paint and windows picture manager etc.

  5. There will be separate links for uploading scanned images of Qualifying degree certificate, ID proof, Professional Experience certificate..etc.

  6. Click on the respective links, Browse and Select the location where the Scanned file has been saved.

  7. Select the file by clicking on it to upload the image.

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