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The Association of Clinical Microbiologists and Biochemists (ACMB) is a professional, non-profit organization; formed with the objective of promoting the relevance and advancements in the vast field of Medical Microbiology and Medical Biochemistry.

Considering the rapid development of medical microbiology and biochemistry in the recent years, as well as the escalating number of specialists in the field, it became indispensable that an organization be formed, to raise the standard of the subjects. We, therefore, aim at promoting a better understanding of Medical Microbiology and Medical Biochemistry and highlighting the inevitable role played by these professionals to the general public, parliamentarians, opinion-formers and policy-makers.

As an advisory body, it expresses and shares views on matters like education, training, professional advice, and practice. Furthermore, it provides quality control guidelines compiled specifically by experts in the field.

ACMB stages a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the ever advancing field of Medical Microbiology and Medial Biochemistry by organizing annual meetings, workshops, conferences and CMEs.

If you are a postgraduate in Medical Microbiology or Medical Biochemistry or if you are working in a diagnostic/research laboratory, in industry/ administration and if your work has something to do with microorganisms, enzyme or hormonal assays, Association of Clinical Microbiologists and Biochemists (ACMB) is the professional organization for you.

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